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Customize flag colors
Use this procedure to assign user-defined colors to any of the cell value flags used in the SCT.
1. On the SCT Menu, select Config, then Flags/Colors.
The SCT Configuration window opens at the Flag Color and Toolbar Button Settings tab.
2. Select the color button next to the flag you want to modify; see Flags tab for descriptions of the flags.
A Color Chooser dialog box opens.
3. Use one of the color selector tools in the dialog box to define the color to use.
4. Select OK to apply the change.
The flag button is updated with the new color.
5. Optionally repeat Step 2. through Step 4. for additional flags.
6. Select Apply to apply the changes to the SCT.
The window closes and all cells using the flag are updated.
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Revised: 07/05/2022