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RiverSMART Help : RiverSMART Event Reference : Install R and Component Packages
Install R and Component Packages
Use this procedure to install the R Project for Statistical Computing and some component packages on your computer. These are required for some RiverSMART events, including the following:
1. Use the following steps to download and install R for Windows on your computer.
a. Go to the R download site:
b. Select Download R for Windows.
c. In the Subdirectories section, select base.
The download page for the current R version opens.
d. Select Download R for Windows at the top of the page to download the current version of R.
Note:  If necessary, you can download an earlier version of R by selecting Previous Releases.
e. Save the download file to your computer.
f. As Administrator, run the downloaded file to install R on your system. You can accept the default installation folder and other options.
2. Use the following steps to add the R executable location to the Path environment variable.
a. As Administrator, open System Properties.
b. Go to the Advanced tab, and select Environment Variables.
The Environment Variables dialog box opens.
c. In the System variables section, select the Path entry, then select Edit.
The Edit System Variable dialog box opens.
d. In the Variable value text box, add a semicolon to the end of the entry and enter the path to the installed R executable; for example: C:\Program Files\R\R-2.14.2\bin\x64
e. Select OK in all dialog boxes to save your updates and close the dialog boxes.
3. Use the following steps to install packages needed by R scripts in RiverSMART.
a. As Administrator, open the R application.
b. In the R menu, select Packages, then Install Package(s).
The Secure CRAN mirrors dialog box may open, listing available mirror sites.
c. Select the mirror site from which to download the packages, then select OK.
The Packages dialog box opens, listing the available packages.
d. Select the following packages, then select OK.
• e1071
• ggplot2
• gplots
• msm
• reshape
• zoo
The packages are downloaded and installed on your computer.
e. In the R menu, select File, then Exit.
Revised: 08/02/2021