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Special Attention Notes
Following are special attention notes, indicating that:
• Functionality has changed that requires you to update models, or
• Results may differ
If you have any questions, contact:
Excel Database DMIs and Object Name Maps
If your existing Excel dataset references a name map that has an object mapping, the results of the DMI could be different or not work. See Excel Database DMIs and Name Maps for more information.
Peak Base Power Calc
In the “PeakBasePowerCalc” and “LCRPowerCalc”, certain operating head computations were using the previous Pool Elevation when it should have used the current value. In certain situations, this may result in numerical differences. In most of our test models, the difference is less than 1% on all timesteps; for example, on one model, the largest difference was 0.8% in spill on a few timesteps. But on one test model that had certain flow conditions, the largest difference was ~5% in spill slot values while energy, and turbine release slots were only 0.3% different.
Power Plant Cap Fraction
The Power Plant Cap Fraction was incorrectly applied in the getPlantPowerEqnRelease. When energy/power is known, the Power Plant Cap Fraction is now applied to the maximum that can be produced, not the Turbine Release calculation. The equation is now:
Turbine Release = (Power * Unit Compatibility Factor)/(Net Head * Plant Efficiency)
Reservoir Hydrologic Inflow Calc
When the level power or storage reservoir is dispatching and solving for Hydrologic Inflow (using the solveMB_givenInflowOutflowHW or solveMB_givenInflowOutflowStorage dispatch method), the precipitation is now included in the mass balance equation.
Also, on the storage reservoir, the pumped storage flow (+Flow TO Pumped Storage - Flow FROM Pumped Storage) is added to the equation to compute hydrologic inflow. This matches how it is done on the level power reservoir.
Uncertainty Methods, Slots, and Units
Uncertainty methods, slots and unit types were removed. For more information, see: Uncertainty Methods, Slots, and Units removed for reservoir methods, Uncertainty Methods, Slots, and Units removed for reach methods, and Uncertainty Unit Types removed for unit types.
Unregulated Spill Slots
A more generalized nomenclature for the Flashboard and Flashboard and Superboard methods was implemented. Now the methods and slots are referred to as: Two Unregulated Flows and Three Unregulated Flows.
When an old model is opened, method, slot, and columns names are automatically updated. Please modify any rules that referenced the flashboard or superboard slots.
USACE-SWD Hydropower Function
The HydropowerRelease predefined RPL function determines the additional release to meet hydropower load without causing additional downstream flooding as determined by the FloodControl predefined RPL function. This function was modified and in some cases, results may be different than in previous versions. For more information, see Hydropower Modifications.
Revised: 08/02/2021