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USACE Special Results
The run analysis dialog was enhanced to display information helpful to understanding and analyzing certain algorithms including Flood Control and other USACE-SWD methods.
The information is displayed in the Details panel of the Run Analysis dialog. Previously, there were two views: Dispatch Behavior and Rule Effects. Now there is a third view called USACE Methods
This view shows the values for various slots involved in the algorithm. Because the forecast period is so critical, the dialog shows values from the specified timestep and throughout the forecast period. Information includes final and intermediate values and diagnostic information describing the reason that releases were limited.
Because debugging data is shown on this dialog, many previously temporary slots were made non-temporary but are not shown on the Open Object dialog (i.e. they are invisible). Also, many slot’s names have been changed.
Hydropower Modifications
The HydropowerRelease predefined RPL function determines the additional release to meet hydropower load without causing additional downstream flooding as determined by the FloodControl predefined RPL function. This function was modified and in some cases, results may be different than in previous versions.
The function uses the empty space computed from the last pass of flood control. In certain situations, on Key Control Points only, this is not the total empty space that should be used for the hydropower additional downstream flooding computation. As a result, the hydropower release was being incorrectly constrained. The was fixed for version 6.0.5 but then modified again for 6.1. If this function is used in your model, the results may be slightly different due to these changes.
Revised: 08/02/2021