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Units and Display of Numbers
Display of Commas in Numbers
You can now show commas as a thousands separator in most numeric displays in RiverWare. By default, this feature is enabled. If you wish to disable it, you can do so from the Workspace Show Commas in Numbers menu.
Uncertainty Unit Types removed
Because uncertainty methods were removed, all uncertainty unit types were also removed:
• PercentUncertainty
• VolumeUncertainty
• FlowUncertainty
• LengthUncertainty
• TimeUncertainty
User Unit Additions
The following user units were added to the available user units (i.e. the “units” file):
• Volume: cfs-hr, kcfs-hr, KAF, MAF
• Flow: kcfs, KAF/day, MAF/day, KAF/month, MAF/month, KAF/year, MAF/year
• Power per Flow: MW/kcfs
Revised: 08/02/2021