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Objects and Methods : Power Plant Diversion : About Power Plant Diversion Links
About Power Plant Diversion Links
A Power Plant is a collection of individual Generators; see Generator for details. A single diversion is used to serve all generators in the plant. Thus, the plant-level computations divert water from a reach or reservoir to meet the Total Diversion Requested limited by the Total Available Water. The plant also computes the depletion and consumption of water and diversion and depletion shortage. If there is a shortage, then there is no need to allocate that shortage to individual generators. Figure 21.1 illustrates.
The individual Generator requests are summed in the Total Diversion Requested slot on the Power Plant Diversion.
Note:  This linking structure is not required for Generator elements. Total Diversion Requested and Total Depletion Requested can be input directly by the user; however, it is often desirable to use one or more Generator objects for this purpose.
Figure 21.1  Common linking structure of the Power Plant Diversion, Generators, and Reach/Reservoir
Revised: 01/11/2023