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Low Flow Releases
* None
There are no slots or calculations associated with this method. This method cannot be selected (that is, the user must select a method other than “None”) if the MeetLowFlowRequirement RPL function is being used; see MeetLowFlowRequirement in RiverWare Policy Language (RPL).
* Operating Level-Based
This method is used in conjunction with the MeetLowFlowRequirement RPL function. See MeetLowFlowRequirement in RiverWare Policy Language (RPL) for details on this function.
This method is used to meet Control Point low flow requirements with releases from reservoir. Each reservoir can supply some water to the Control Point. The MeetLowFlowRequirement function computes a release from each reservoir in a Control Point’s list. See the MeetLowFlow Requirement help file for details on the calculations. See Low-flow Releases in USACE‑SWD Modeling Techniques for details on using this method for USACE-SWD.
Slots Specific to This Method
 Bottom of Conservation Pool
Type: Scalar Slot
Units: None
Description: The Operating Level that represents the bottom of the conservation pool
Information: The operations/calculations associated with this method only apply to the conservation pool. If a reservoir is below the bottom of the conservation pool, it is not considered for low flow releases.
I/O: Required input
Revised: 01/11/2023