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About Aquifers
Following are some features of the Aquifer object:
• The Aquifer can be linked to multiple other Aquifer objects, or it can be linked to a single groundwater object above it. When linked to the groundwater object, the Aquifer models the deep system while the groundwater object models the shallow subsurface system.
• The Aquifer can optionally solve at a user specified larger computational timestep, which is different from the run timestep. The options are: 1 day, 1 month, 1 year.
• The Aquifer models flow in six directions, Left, Right, Upstream, Downstream, Above, and Below. Because of the six direction flow, multiple objects could be stacked to represent layers.
• The Aquifer uses Head and Storativity (storage coefficient) in its solution.
• Physical processes include pumping and specified inflows.
• An explicit groundwater flow equation is used in the solution.
Figure 5.1 shows a diagram of the Aquifer object in one of its configurations.
Figure 5.1  Sample Cross sectional view of the aquifer object
Revised: 01/11/2023