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Copy and paste slot lists
Use this procedure to copy a slot list from one cell to another. Slots that do not exist on the target object are displayed as unavailable (dimmed).
Note:  If the target cell already has a slot list, it will be replaced when you perform the paste.
This procedure allows you to easily create slot lists for objects that have similar properties. You can copy the same list to multiple objects, then add or delete selected slots to refine the lists as necessary.
1. Go to the Object Grid tab.
2. Select the cell whose slot list you want to copy.
3. In the Cell Slot Lists area, select Copy.
The slot list is copied exactly as is.
4. Select the cell you want to populate. The cell must have an assigned object, and it may or may not have an existing slot list.
5. In the Cell Slot Lists area, select Paste.
A confirmation dialog box appears, listing the slots that will be pasted.
6. Select OK in the dialog box.
The slot list is added to the cell. Any existing slot list is replaced.
7. Optionally, repeat Step 5. and Step 6. to paste the same slot list to other cells.
Alternate methods
• Right-click and select Copy Slot List in the shortcut menu.
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Revised: 07/05/2022