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Set flags on series slot values
Use this procedure to change the value type flags on one or more selected cells. Flags are generally depicted in the SCT using background shading in user-defined colors; see Customize flag colors for details on defining the colors.
Following are some restrictions on flags:
• You can set the Input (I) and Output (O) flags on editable slot timesteps.
• The Input flag can be set only on timesteps with a defined (non-NaN) value.
• Other flags can be set only on certain slots; see Flags on the Timestep I/O Menu in User Interface for details.
• The Target Operation flag may involve coordinating pairs of internal flags on different timesteps.
1. Go to the Series Slots tab.
2. Select the cells whose flags you want to modify. You can select any combination of cells, including one cell, multiple non-contiguous cells, a range of cells, one or more entire slots, or entire sheet.
3. In the SCT menu, select Edit, then one of the following flag options. Alternatively, use the designated keyboard shortcut.
– Set to Input (Ctrl+I)
– Set to Output (Ctrl+O)
– Target Operation (Ctrl+T)
– Clear Target Operation
– Best Efficiency (Ctrl+B)
– Max Capacity (Ctrl+M)
– Drift (Ctrl+Shft+~)
– Unit Values
– Empty Storage
Note:  Only flags that apply to all currently selected cells are active in the menu; if a flag is not applicable to one or more cells in the selection, it is not available in the menu.
The selected cells are set to the flag you have selected, and the cell background is updated to the user-defined color for that flag.
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Alternate methods
• In the SCT toolbar, select the button for the flag you want to assign. Active flags are indicated with a black border.
Note:  The available buttons are user-defined; depending on the SCT configuration, some buttons may not be available. See Show or hide buttons on the SCT toolbar for details.
• Use the following keyboard accelerators:
– Ctrl+I—Input
– Ctrl+O—Output
– Ctrl+T—Target (T)
– Ctrl+B—Best Efficiency (B)
– Ctrl+M—Max Capacity (M)
– Ctrl+Shft+~ —Drift (D)
– none—Unit Values
Revised: 07/05/2022