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RiverSMART Help : Running Distributed Simulation Packages : Distributed Simulation Package Process
Distributed Simulation Package Process
The Distributed Simulation Package workflow is as follows; Figure 3.1 provides an illustration.
1. There is a single RiverSMART session in simulation master study mode.
2. You use this master study to create simulation package files.
3. You configure each simulation package file to simulate a subset of the scenarios in the full study. You distribute the simulation package files to multiple computers or multiple virtual machines in a cloud computing environment.
4. The simulation studies simulate the scenarios in each package...
5. ...within an instance of RiverSMART/RiverWare on the simulation computer/instance.
6. RiverSMART creates a results package file for each simulation computer.
7. You return the results packages to the master study.
8. The master study combines the results and performs post-processing.
Figure 3.1  Distributed simulation packages workflow
Revised: 08/02/2021