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The following changes have been made to RiverWare slots.
Expression Slot Warnings
In prior versions, a warning occurred when an invalid value was encountered during manual evaluation of an expression slot. This warning was removed to match the behavior for invalid values in other parts of RiverWare.
Format Values as Years
The “Values are integers” check box on the Slot Configuration dialog box has been replaced by a menu that allows you to select whether the slot values should be displayed as rational numbers, integers, or years.
• Rational—default option; matches the default behavior prior to RiverWare 8.2.
• Integer—behaves as the “Values are integers” check box did prior to RiverWare 8.2.
• Year—causes values to be displayed without any fractional portion (similar to the Integer option) and without thousands separators (commas).
See Configure Slot Dialog in User Interface for more information.
Revised: 08/02/2021