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The following changes have been made to RiverWare simulation objects.
Aquifer and Groundwater Slot Convergence
On the following slots, the convergence criteria was changed within the code to “None” and cannot be changed by the user:
• Aquifer.Head
• Aquifer.Head Previous
• Groundwater.Elevation
• Groundwater.Elevation Previous
The criteria to reset these slots is now based on the convergence criteria of the Storage slot. If Storage changes such that it will be reset, then the Head/Elevation slots will be reset as well. If Storage is within convergence and not reset, then no attempt is made to reset the Head/Elevation slots
The Head/Elevation results should now track directly with the Storage slot. That is, any change in Storage, results in a change in Head/Elevation. Because of this new approach, groundwater and aquifer objects that redispatch could produce different, corrected, results.
Aquifer: Conductance Checking
The Aquifer object now checks that conductance values on adjacent objects have the same value. This ensures that mass is neither lost nor gained as water flows from one object to the next.
Groundwater Slot Name Changes
Within the Compute Conductance method, the following groundwater slots have been assigned shorter, more consistent names, as follows:
• Aquifer Area changed to Area
• Aquifer Length changed to Length
• Aquifer Width changed to Width
• Aquifer Thickness changed to Thickness
Existing model files, including links and SCTs, are automatically updated with the new names. A warning message is posted to diagnostics alerting you to the change. You must update all RPL expressions and DMIs that reference these slots.
Computational Subbasin: Changes to Initialize Flow Slots for Routing
The Initialize Flow Slots for Routing computational subbasin method has been improved to work with five additional reach routing methods, as follows:
• Modified Puls and Muskigum with Segments—this method works like No routing; no additional timesteps are initialized.
• Kinematic, Kinematic Improved, and Muskingum—these methods dispatch only during the run range. The initialization now treats these as boundary conditions, in that the Outflow slot has values set by the subbasin method.
Generator: Specified Adjusted Capacity
The Specified Adjusted Capacity slot has been added to the Generator object. You can optionally specify this value as a reduced power request for the generator.
Reach, Distribution Canal, and Water User
Changed Warning Messages to Diagnostic
Previously, warnings were posted for Impulse and Step Response routing methods when the routed flow was not known. For consistency with other RiverWare operations that do not issue a warning message when there is no value, these messages have been modified from Warnings to Diagnostics, using the User Method diagnostic category.
Revised: 08/02/2021