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Special Attention Notes
The section describes special attention notes, which indicate changes in functionality that require you to update models, cause model results to differ, or display a warning message when you first load a model in Version 8.0.
If you have any questions, contact RiverWare Support:
• The solver used in optimization, CPLEX, has been updated. Optimization results may differ. See CPLEX version for more information.
• The RPL predefined functions SortPairsAscending and SortPairsDescending were modified to return stable and predictable results in the case where the second item in each pair of lists is the same. This could lead to different model results. See SortPairsAscending & SortPairsDescending enhancement for more information.
• The HDB Database DMI connection was upgraded from Oracle 12c to Oracle 18c. With this upgrade, HDB connectivity requires either Oracle Client 18 or Oracle Instant Client 18. CADSWES tested with Oracle Client 18.0 and Oracle Instant Client 18.5.
• The name of dispatch methods for most objects has changed. There are no numerical differences but you will need to run your model to recreate dispatching information. See Dispatch Method Names for more information.
Revised: 08/02/2021