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The following changes were made to RiverWare optimization.
CPLEX version
The RiverWare optimization uses third party software, CPLEX, to perform the individual optimizations within the goal program. The CPLEX version was updated to version for this RiverWare release. In this version, the solver has changed sufficiently to occasionally generate alternative solutions that are within the solver's optimality tolerance. These changes are not a cause for concern: while the solutions may be different, the differences do not have a significant affect on the goal values that are the driver for the solutions. For most test cases, there were no changes. The one test case with differences was thoroughly examined, and the differences were found to be negligible.
Initialization Rules during Optimization run
Initialization rules are a set of RPL rules associated with the model that can be executed at the beginning of a run. Now, the initialization rules can be executed as part of an Optimization run. A new check box on the Run Control dialog box allows you to control if the initialization rules are executed. By default the setting is off, the rules will not be executed, to match existing behavior.
See also Scripts: Action to Set Initialization Rules Execution Flag for information on a script action to control this setting and IsControllerSim and IsControllerOpt for new RPL functions that will help with initialization rule development when using with an optimization run.
Revised: 08/02/2021