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The following changes were made to the RiverWare Workspace.
New Windows Menu
The Windows menu within the Utilities menu was moved to a new top-level Windows menu.
Toggle Workspace Display Mode
A new Toggle Workspace Display Mode operation was added to the Windows menu. This operation switches the workspace display between the standard Full mode and a Compact mode. In the Compact mode, space is minimized by hiding the Canvas/View, Simulation Object List (if shown and docked within the workspace), and Animation controls (if shown and docked within the workspace). Figure 4.3 shows a sample.
Figure 4.3  Workspace in Compact mode
The action is available in the following ways:
• Select Windows, then Toggle Workspace Display Mode.
• Enter the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-T
• Select the new toolbar button:
See Workspace Display Mode in User Interface for more information.
Send Workspace to Back
A new Send Workspace to Back operation was added. This operation causes the Workspace window to be displayed behind any other overlapping window.
The action is available in the following ways:
• Select Windows, then Send Workspace to Back.
• Enter the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+B
Icon Colors
Access to and appearance of the Window Icon menus was improved. See Icon Colors in User Interface for more information.
There are two ways in which to select a new icon for the title bar of the RiverWare icons, variations on the standard RiverWare logo:
• Select Windows, then Window Icon.
• Select the new RiverWare logo menu button in the Workspace toolbar, as shown in Figure 4.4. This change also decreases the height of the toolbar, showing a more compact view.
Figure 4.4  Toolbar buttons with Icon Color menu expanded
Save Button Menu
On the Toolbar, the Save button was converted to a menu. Now when you select the button, you have an option to either Save Model or Save As. The purpose of this change is to prevent inadvertent, often time-consuming, saves that occur when you accidentally click the Save button, perhaps when you intend to click the Load Model or Run Control button instead. Figure 4.5 shows the new Save menu.
Figure 4.5  Toolbar showing the Save button menu
Revised: 08/02/2021