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This section describes changes to the RiverWare Policy Language (RPL).
New RPL Predefined Function—RoundToFactor
A new RoundToFactor function rounds a numeric value to the nearest multiple of the specified factor, rounding halfway cases away from zero.
Modified RPL Predefined Function—TableLookup and TableLookupDefaultTol
In prior versions of RiverWare, the RPL Predefined function TableLookup used a fixed tolerance of 10-6 to determine if two numbers, represented in standard units, should be considered equal. This was not sufficient for certain tables and unit types. To address this issue, the TableLookup function now has an additional argument, a numeric tolerance to be used to determine when two values are equal.
Note:  So that existing models do not break, when the RPL set is first opened in RiverWare 7.5 and later, calls to TableLookup are automatically replaced with calls to the new TableLookupDefaultTol function. TableLookupDefaultTol retains the old behavior (that is, a tolerance of 10-6 in standard units). We recommend that you update calls to the function to use TableLookup and specify the desired tolerance.
RPL Set Comparison Tool
The RPL Set Comparison Tool now recognizes when an item has been renamed from set A to set B. This functionality is similar to that implemented for the Model Comparison Tool; see Recognition of Renamed Items for details.
Revised: 08/02/2021