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Model Comparison Tool
The Model Comparison Tool compares two models and presents the differences in a hierarchical tree. The tree allows you to identify and explore the differences between two models. See Model Comparison Tool in User Interface for more information on this tool.
Additional Content Compared
The Model Comparison Tool was extended to compare the following model content:
• Links: A new property, Linked Slots, represents each slot to which the selected slot is linked.
• DMI configurations: The DMI configurations are now compared. Each comparable item can have properties and child items. For example, the database DMI item has properties and child dataset items, and the dataset items have properties and child slot selection items. When two items are compared, their properties are compared, then their child items are compared.
Recognition of Renamed Items
The Model Comparison Tool now recognize when an item has been renamed from model A to model B. In these cases, the item appears twice in the results tree, one for each model. The item corresponding to the item in model A has status "A ->" (the item exists here in A and elsewhere in B), and conversely the model B item has status "<- B" (the item exists here in B and elsewhere in A). Items that have been renamed are displayed in a light-orange color. When an item's name has changed, selecting the item's Name property in the results tree allows you to identify how the name changed. Because of this rename functionality, model file sizes grew about one to two percent.
Note:  This change does not impact comparison when one of the models was saved prior to RiverWare 7.5. For older models and sets, renaming an item will cause the comparison tool to treat the item as two distinct items, one reported as existing in model A but not in model B, and one existing in model B and not in model A.
Revised: 08/02/2021