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Expression Slot Evaluation Keyboard Shortcut
On the expression slot, the “Evaluate” shortcut key was changed to F9 due to the previous shortcut (Alt-E) conflicting with other operations.
Expression Slot Evaluation Range
On the expression slot, you can now automatically include the initial timestep in the evaluation range. Use the Include Initial Timestep in Run Period toggle as shown.
Go To Next NaN
A new menu item, Go to next NaN now appears on the View menu. Go to next NaN navigates directly from one NaN value to the next through timesteps first then through the timesteps on subsequent columns within the dialog. A new shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+N, also carries out the new Go to next NaN action.
Slot Description Indicator
The Slot dialogs were improved to better show slot Descriptions. Now, when the description panel contains a description, the checkbox label text color is black and the font is bold. When the description panel is empty, the text is grey and the font weight is normal. The border was removed. In addition, when a description exists, the tooltip on the Description text and checkbox shows the first 140 characters of the description.
Text Series Slots
A new type of series slot was added that stores text. The Text Series Slot can be added to any object from the Slot menu. More information can be found Text Series Slots in User Interface.
Revised: 08/02/2021