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Canal - Dispatching
Within Rulebased Simulation, reservoirs linked to a Canal object are now forced to redispatch the same method within a timestep. This change was made to address a problem where rule and slot priorities led to the reservoirs dispatching the incorrect method.
Inline Power Plant - Specify Units Generating
A new method, Specify Units Generating, was added to the Inline Power category. In this new method, you specify the generating capacity for each unit, and the fraction of capacity at which each unit is generating. The method then calculates the Unit Power and Unit Energy as well as the total plant Power and Energy.
Power Reservoirs - Specified Power Coefficient
On power reservoirs using the Plant Power Coefficient or Plant Efficiency Curve methods, Hydro Capacity, Best Hydro Capacity, and Energy with the Best flag are now calculated correctly when the Power Coefficient is input or set by a rule.
Reach Routing Method - Muskingum with Segments
A new routing method was added to the Reach object. The Muskingum with Segments method allows you to route using the standard Muskingum equation, Outflow = C0 Inflow (t) + C1 Inflow (t-1) + C2 Outflow (t-1), but further discretize the reach into sub-segments. Each segment uses the same routing parameters as specified in the Routing Parameters category. In addition, this method has fewer requirements for initial data than the original Muskingum method; if the initial Outflow is not known, it is set to the Inflow. For more information, see Muskingum with Segments in Objects and Methods
Slope Power Reservoir - Weighting Coefficients Interpolation
The Slope Power Reservoir was improved to not issue table interpolation errors during intermediate calculations. This change affects iterative algorithms including max outflow computations and RPL functions like SolveSlopeStorageGivenInflowHW, SolveSlopeStorageGivenInflowOutflow and TargetSlopeHWGivenInflow.
The fix includes introducing two new slots:
• Partition BW Table Auto Max
• Partition BW Table Auto Min
These two slots use the Partition BW Table to show the largest and smallest headwater values for each flow parameter. The tables are used within the slope storage calculations to check that values are valid.
Revised: 08/02/2021