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Water Quality
Constituent Selection, Method Structure, and Names
The selection process for Water Quality parameters was moved from the Run Control parameters to the objects themselves. Now each object that models water quality has a user selectable method. On aggregate objects, the aggregate usually controls the methods and links on the elements, so the methods are not shown on the elements.
With this change it is now possible to mix constituents and solution approach within a model. For example, you could model well mixed salinity on most objects, but use a layered approach to model salinity and temperature on a single reservoir.
In addition, the water quality method names were modified to be more intuitive. The term Layered is still used on reservoirs and groundwater objects where there is layering. Discretized is used on reaches. Other objects have methods called “Propagate” indicating that the water quality information is passed through.
All existing models should update automatically without any user changes.
For more information, see Water Quality Overview in Water Quality.
Run Analysis for Water Quality Dispatching
The Model Run Analysis tool was improved to show Water Quality dispatching information. When Water Quality is enabled, a toggle is shown in the upper part of the Model Run Analysis tool. When checked, information on the water quality dispatching is shown instead of the usual simulation dispatching. This information is also shown on the Dispatch Details dialog.
Revised: 08/02/2021