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Water Quality : Water Quality Overview
Water Quality
Water Quality Overview
Water quality can be modeled in RiverWare, along with simulated water quantity calculations. Currently, water quality modeling is available on reservoirs, reaches, confluences, bifurcations, canal, gages, aggregate reaches, aggregate diversion site, aggregate distribution canals, water users, and groundwater storage objects. Constituents include Salinity (TDS), Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), and Total Dissolved Gas (TDG).
The development of the water quality methods were initially completed in 1996, but were not used extensively. They were updated in 2012 to better model salinity but still may require some minor modifications with more extensive testing and use.
Note:  In previous versions of RiverWare, the constituents and solution approach were chosen on the run control. You had to choose either Layered/Discretized or Simple Well Mixed. Starting with RiverWare 6.6, this selection is performed on each object. With this change, you can mix and match constituents and/or approach within a single model.Use the multi-object method selector to speed the selection process; see Multiple Object Method Selector in User Interface for details.
Revised: 08/02/2021