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Series Sheets
It is now possible to create multiple series slot sheets on a single SCT. These sheets are configured by adding new “Sheet Dividers” to the SCT on the Edit Series Slot List tab. Each divider/sheet can be renamed as desired. There is always an “All Slots” sheet.
Custom Time Aggregation Summary Rows
You can now add custom time aggregation summary rows when in time-aggregated, vertical timestep view (where slots are columns). You can specify one or more custom Summary Rows at the end of each time aggregation.The following example has eight custom rows (including dividers as the first and last custom summary rows).
Navigation from the Diagnostics Output
From the Diagnostic Output window, there is now a right-click menu to Scroll Open SCT’s to Context. When selected, this navigates any open SCTs to the context timestep and slot/object whenever possible.
Revised: 08/02/2021