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Agg Series Slot Columns
It is now possible to insert a column in an agg series slot including before the first column.
Series Slot Value Information
For dialogs that display Series Slot values, like the Open Slot, Open Account and SCT dialogs, tool tips now provide additional information about individual values. In particular, when you hover over a value for which the relevant information is available, one of the following tool tips is displayed:
• Set by DMI: <DMI name> The value was set by an input DMI that was configured to record invocations. Example: Set by DMI: Import Lake Levels
• Set by Initialization Rule: (<rule index>) <rule name> The value was set by the listed Initialization Rule. Example: Set by Initialization Rule: (3) Provide Default Hydrology
• Set by Rule: (<rule priority>) <rule name> The value was set by the listed rule Example: Set by Rule: (18) Long Lake Fishery Releases
• Rule (<rule priority>) <rule name> Displayed when the value was solved for as a result of a rule setting a value elsewhere in the system. That is, the value was set during dispatching because a rule set a value somewhere. Example: “Rule: (18) Long Lake Fishery Releases”.
For the last three two rule items, right-click and choose to “Open Rule N” from the menu. See Tooltips in User Interface for more information.
Table Slot Row/Column Labels
A right-click context menu was added to the Table Slot Row/Column Label Editor Dialog. It is used for editing either Row or Column labels for a particular Table Slot. The dialog presents a single column of editable cells, one cell per Table Slot row or column. You can use the new menu to copy, paste, or clear the labels.
Revised: 08/02/2021