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Special Attention Notes
Following are special attention notes, indicating that:
• Functionality has changed that requires you to update models, or
• Results may differ
If you have any questions, contact:
Unit Schemes
It is now much simpler for you to configure how numeric values are displayed in RiverWare. Now Unit Schemes control the display of Units, Scale, Precision and Format. This is a major change in how these attributes are configured.
When you first load your model, a transitional scheme is created to replicate your previous unit configuration.
Note:  You should look through this transitional scheme and delete any unnecessary exceptions. This will improve performance of you model.
See Unit Schemes for a description of the unit schemes. Or click HERE for video presentations on Unit Schemes.
Slot Name changes
Groundwater slots were re-named to be more consistent and have shorter names as shown in the following table. Existing model files are automatically updated with the new names, including links. Any RPL expressions or DMIs that reference these slots will need to be updated.
Existing Slot Name
New Slot Name
Existing Slot Name
New Slot Name
Previous Adjacent Elevation Upstream
Elevation Upstream Previous
Groundwater Flow Upstream
Flow Upstream
Previous Adjacent Elevation Downstream
Elevation Downstream Previous
Groundwater Flow Downstream
Flow Downstream
Previous Adjacent Elevation Left
Elevation Left Previous
Groundwater Flow Left
Flow Left
Previous Adjacent Elevation Right
Elevation Right Previous
Groundwater Flow Right
Flow Right
Previous Water Table Elevation
Elevation Previous
Water Quality
For Layered/Discretized salinity modeling, the Salt Concentration should be linked instead of Salt Mass. You should re-link any existing models.
For all salinity models, linking of salt on stream gages has been simplified. Now there is only a Salt Concentration slot when previously there were inflow and outflow salt concentrations. You will need to re-link any stream gage salt concentration slots. See Diversion Object and Stream Gage for more information.
Accounting Clearing Values
On an account, output values on unlinked inflow slots (Inflow, Return Flow, Transfer In) were not cleared during run initialization. A change was made to correctly clear all of these output value. This fixed behavior could lead to different model results.
Optimization Licensing
The optimization solver IBM ILOG CPLEX is now bundled with RiverWare. To access the solver, your RiverWare license must specifically allow you access to the solver library.
Note:  If you use RiverWare's optimization solver, you will need a new RiverWare license file. Contact for more information.
Revised: 08/02/2021