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Unit Schemes
A Unit Scheme describes how RiverWare will display numeric slot values in terms of four display attributes (collectively called “units”):
• Units
• Scale
• Precision
• Format
These four attributes are shown in the following example.
You can view and edit the Unit Scheme definitions and easily switch the active Unit Scheme using the Unit Scheme Manager (Units Unit Scheme Manager menu).
Following are some features of unit schemes:
• Unit Schemes are used to display all numeric values including slots, objects, account, SCT, plots, output devices, reports, RPL debugger, diagnostics.
• A unit scheme describes the attributes for each Unit Type. These are called Unit Type Rules.
• You can create exceptions to the unit type rule for all slots with a given name or for a particular slot.
• The units of any slot can be changed directly from the slot configuration or from the unit scheme manager.
• You can change the active scheme from the unit scheme manager or from the Workspace Units menu.
• When a previous model is first opened in RiverWare 6.3, a transitional scheme is created and activated to mimic the previous display attributes.
Note:  We advise that you investigate and clean up this transitional scheme for performance and usability reasons.
• With Unit Schemes, the Resource Database or riverwareDB file has been removed and is no longer supported.
For more information on Unit Schemes click Unit Schemes in User Interface.
Units ksfd added
The volume user unit ksfd was added to the units file; 1 ksfd = 1000 cfs-day.
Revised: 08/02/2021