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Mass Balance Summary
The Mass Balance Summary slot is a user-defined hierarchy of series slot collections used to check (i.e. sum) mass balance across many objects. The collections have an associated series slots representing the sum of the contained slots.
There are two levels of within a Mass Balance Summary slot:
• Water Balance -- the sum of one or more Slot Sums. For example, a water balance might represent all water flowing in/out of the main channel or all flows in the groundwater.
• Slot Sum -- the sum of one or more series slots. Slot sums are useful to summarize or classify different slots. For example, a Slot Sum might represent all the seepage, evaporation, diversions or return flow slots. The sum is represented as either the positive or negative sense. Negative Slot Sums are subtracted from their containing Water Balance. Positive Slot Sums are added in the containing Water Balance. Only flow or volume (unit type) series slots having the model run timestep size can be used. References to RPL expression slots are supported for entities not represented by slots on simulation objects.
The screenshot above shows a Mass Balance Summary with one Water Balance and multiple Slot Sums. For more information, see Mass Balance Summary Slots in User Interface.
Revised: 08/02/2021