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System Control Table
Adding Dividers
It is now easier to add dividers to an SCT. Two menus were added to the Slots menu to allow you to Insert Slot Divider or Append Slots Divider. As before, the selector can also be used to add dividers. The slots menu wording was modified because of this change.
Interpolation in multiple-slot selections
Previously, interpolation on the SCT was only possible for one slot at a time. Now, Interpolate Selection is possible for a rectangular selection of slots. The interpolation is still performed across timesteps and is separate for each slot. See Interpolate slot values in System Control Table (SCT) for more information.
Adjust Values
An Edit Adjust Slot Values operation was added to the SCT. This operation allows you to change multiple selected slot values by a percentage or an absolute value (if they all have the same units).
Keyboard accelerators
On the SCT, the keyboard accelerators were modified as follows:
Keyboard Accelerator
Menu Operation
File Save Model
File Save Model As ...
View Fit Row Header Columns
View Grow Columns to Data
Revised: 08/02/2021