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Expression Slot Re-implementation
Both Series and Scalar Expression slots were re-implemented to support more functionality including:
• Copying values
• Scrolling to a date
• Compressing values
• Showing Notes
• RPL debugging
In addition, the dialog layout and a few menus were re-arranged. Also, by default, the RPL expression is now shown.
Notes on Series Slots re-implementation
Notes on series slots were re-implemented. Notes, still organized within Note Groups, are now directly applied to individual series slot timesteps rather than by associating their containing Note Groups with whole series slots. Additionally, multiple notes can be associated with a timestep on an individual series slot. The note manager dialogs were re-designed; some samples of the dialogs are shown in the screenshot. See Notes Overview in User Interface for more information on this utility.
Periodic Slot - Regular interval row headers
The display of row headings on periodic slots configured with a regular interval have been changed. For example, when added to a data object, the default Lookup and Interpolate slots are:
Note:  This only applies to Regular Interval periodic slots; irregular interval slots have not been changed. For more information on periodic slots, see Display of Dates in User Interface.
Revised: 08/02/2021