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Rulebased Simulation
Iteration Checking
The efficiency of slot iteration checking has been greatly improved. Iteration checking occurs when the Check Iterations box is selected in the Controller Parameters dialog. Checking is now done only for dispatching slots and only at the current controller timestep. This improvement can result in run time savings of up to 15% on some models where slot iteration checking is turned on.
STRING == and !=
Equality (==) and inequality (!=) comparisons of STRING expression types are now permitted within rule expressions. The comparisons evaluate to the BOOLEAN expression types TRUE or FALSE. Comparison is exact and case-sensitive.
GetObjectsInBasin() renamed ListSubbasin()
The GetObjectsInBasin() predefined function has been renamed ListSubbasin(). Rulesets with the old name will continue to work, but only the new name appears in the predefined function selector. There is no computational difference between the two functions.
Predefined Functions
Many predefined functions have been added to the Rulebased Simulation Palette. The new functions, as well as all of the existing functions, are currently being documented. This document will soon be available online. Meanwhile, contact RiverWare Technical Support if you have any questions about specific functions in the Palette.
Revised: 08/02/2021