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Release Notes Version 2.1
This document describes new features, enhancements, and changes included in RiverWare Version 2.1, released on March 10, 1999. These changes are new to the executable since the release of RiverWare Version 2.0.3 on August 3, 1998.
Please direct questions to RiverWare Technical Support at (303) 492-0908 or
Required Model File Updates:
• Water User Diversion Requested and Depletion Requested no longer default to 0.0 if not input in the Input Requests Method. If one of the slots is input, RiverWare will continue to default the other slot to the input value. Models which depend on the defaults must be updated with input(s) of 0.0 to solve for the same results as prior versions of RiverWare.
• Gainloss calculations which were specific to individual Reach routing Methods are now performed in a new User Method Category called GainLoss Calculation. There are four User Methods in this new Category to cover all previous gain/loss calculations. Models saved under earlier versions of RiverWare will have slot names automatically converted to their new names, but will NOT have the appropriate GainLoss method selected. If any Reaches previously calculated gains or losses (there were non-zero values in any of the old gain/loss slots), the appropriate Method must be selected in the GainLoss Calculation Category. See Gain Loss for more information.
Special Attention Notes:
• When loading old models, several diagnostics messages may be generated as old slot types are automatically converted to new slot types:
• Trying to convert former slot type (“MultiSlot”) to new slot type (“SimObjMultiSlot”). Trying to convert former slot type (“SeriesSlot”) to new slot type (“AggSeriesSlot”). Do not be concerned by these messages. You do not need to make any changes to your model.
• The names of the User Methods in the Diversion from Reach and Diversion from Reservoir User Method Categories have been changed from AggDiversionSite Linked to Available Flow Based Diversion and from Diversion Object Linked to Head Based Diversion. Models which contain any of these Methods will automatically be updated upon loading.
Revised: 08/02/2021