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Global Maximum Iterations
The maximum iterations for simulation dispatch slots is now set globally in the Simulation Controller Parameters dialog. This dialog is invoked by selecting View Controller Specific Parameters... in the Run Control dialog’s menu bar. Whereas the default maximum iterations in prior versions of RiverWare was 20, the new default for a clear workspace is 40. The maximum iterations is valid for all dispatch slots, and may no longer be set independently in each slot’s Configuration dialog.
When models saved under earlier versions of RiverWare are loaded with 2.1, the global maximum iterations value will be set to the largest maximum iterations value which was set on any of the individual slots. This ensures that maximum iterations will be large enough to allow all objects to solve as they did before.
Diversion and Return Flow Defaults
Prior to RiverWare 2.1, Reservoirs were often prevented from dispatching until the controller clock had reached the dispatch timestep. This was due to the setting of default Diversion and Return Flow (when these slots were not linked) at the beginning of each controller timestep. As a result, unknown Diversion and Return Flow values were not defaulted until the controller had executed the beginning of timestep behavior for the given timestep. Since Diversion and Return Flow are required knowns for all Reservoir dispatch methods, Reservoirs often had to wait, even though all other data was available to dispatch.
Unknown and unlinked Diversion and Return Flow slots are now set to 0.0 at the Beginning of Run. Depending on the model data, this may allow a majority of Reservoirs to go on the dispatch queue from the very first timestep. In some cases, this change may improve model run times.
Revised: 08/02/2021