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Engineering Objects
Power Reservoirs
Listed below are all modifications made to Power Reservoirs.
Best Hydro Capacity
The utility method which calculates the Hydro Capacity of PowerReservoirs for the plantPowerCalc and unitGeneratorPowerCalc Methods has been expanded to calculate Best Hydro Capacity. Best Hydro Capacity is the hypothetical power generation of a Reservoir based on operating the turbines at the most efficient flow rate at each timestep. It is calculated as the product of the most efficient flow rate through the turbines and the power coefficient taken from the Best Power Coefficient table for the current Operating Head. This value is now reported in addition to Hydro Capacity, which is based on a maximum flow rate and Max Power Coefficient for the current Operating Head.
Output Slots
• Best Hydro Capacity (bestHydroCap)
– SeriesSlot
– hypothetical most efficient power production
Min and Max Operating Head for peakPowerCalc and peakBasePowerCalc
The Minimum and Maximum fields in the Operating Head Configuration menu are now required inputs for both the peakPowerCalc and peakBasePowerCalc User Methods. These Methods previously calculated Energy between the maximum and minimum Operating Head values in the Best Generator Flow and Best Generator Power tables. Due to the occasional need for operating beyond the maximum or minimum Operating Head, these values must now be input separately from the table values. These Methods will produce an error and abort the run if Max and Min Operating Heads are not specified.
Water Users
Listed below are all modifications made to Water Users.
Depletion Requested Default Value
When it is not input, the Depletion Requested slot now defaults to the value in the Diversion Requested slot. Water Users which do not have a specified Depletion Request will deplete the entire amount of their Diversion. Return Flow, in this case, is zero.
The default Depletion Requested applies for all Linking Structures except the Lumped Structure with Diversion Requested equal to zero. In this special case, the Depletion Requested is left as NaN.
Revised: 08/02/2021