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Release Notes Version 1.1
This document describes new features, enhancements and changes that are included in RiverWare Version 1.1, released on July 7, 1997. These changes are new to the executable since the release of RiverWare Version 1.0 on May 7, 1997.
Please direct questions to CADSWES Technical Support at (303) 492-7956 or
Required Model File Updates
• There are no changes since Version 1.0 requiring model file updates.
Special Attention Notes
• Resource Database. The name of the RiverWare Resource Database has been changed from “RiverWareDB” to “RiverWareDB.” All files in the executable directory which contain the name “RiverWare” are now consistent with the lowercase spelling of the executable name.
Known Bugs and Work-Arounds
• Rulebased Simulation. Slots which are directly set by rules do not have their R priority flags reset when a new value is calculated during redispatching. This bug has already been fixed in RiverWare version 1.1; patchlevel 1, available via the CADSWES ftp site.
Revised: 08/02/2021