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Model Loading and Saving
File Chooser Default Directory
By default, RiverWare file choosers now display the directory of the last file to have been read or written. This applies independently to Loading and Saving model files, Importing and Exporting Data, and Loading, Editing, and Saving SCT files. This feature minimizes the amount of directory traversing required for repeated file actions. For example, importing several sets of data from a common directory will only require changing to that directory once; any subsequent invocation of the file chooser will come up in the same directory.
The default paths for each type of filechooser are saved in the.vgalaxy.1.vr file of the user’s home directory at the conclusion of each RiverWare session. If no .vgalaxy.1.vr file exists when a RiverWare session is launched, the default file chooser paths are the user’s home directory path. In order to “freeze” a desired set of default paths indefinitely, the .vgalaxy.1.vr file may be write protected with the desired settings.
Revised: 08/02/2021