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Display Units
Display Units for any slot may now be changed without converting the slot’s values. This feature allows data which were mistakenly imported with the wrong display units or scale, to be reassigned without having to re-import them. The Configuration menu for each slot now contains a toggle to “Convert slot values to new User Units and Scale.” The toggle is ON by default. When the toggle is ON and User Units and/or scale are changed, the displayed values are converted and scaled so that the underlying internal values remain the same. This was the traditional behavior for previous PRSYM versions. When the toggle is OFF, the displayed values are not converted or scaled. This new behavior actually changes the internally stored values so that the displayed values appear the same.
The automatic conversion and scaling should only be turned OFF to rectify improperly imported data. Normal changing of display units with the toggle OFF will corrupt the slot’s data. This toggle is column specific and resets to ON any time a different column is selected or the Configuration dialog is re-opened.
Unit Converter Precision
The Unit Converter has been modified to display only twelve significant digits in calculated values. All slot values in RiverWare memory and model files are stored with twelve significant digits of precision. The previously unscaled Unit Converter results could have implied a greater precision in calculated values than was actually possible. Results have also been reformatted to display in either floating point notation or scientific notation, whichever is shorter.
Revised: 08/02/2021