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Release Notes Version 1.0
RiverWare is a new river basin modeling software tool which can load and run models built with PRSYM. This document describes new features, enhancements and changes that are included in RiverWare Version 1.0, released on May 7, 1997.
These changes are new to the executable since the release of PRSYM Version 3.1 on July 29, 1996.
Direct questions to CADSWES Technical Support at (303) 492-0908 or e-mail:
Required Model File Updates
Aggregate Diversion Site and Water User slot name changes
Many slots on Aggregate Diversion Site and Water User Objects have been renamed. In order to preserve the data in Aggregate Diversions of existing models, a conversion script, included with this release, must be run. The Perl language script is called modelConvert1.0, which is executed by typing the script name followed by the file name to be converted. Until the script is run or the model file is saved under the new executable, a confirmation window will be generated at load time warning that conversion may be necessary. For more details on this procedure, seeRenaming of Slots.
Special Attention Notes
Name Enforcement
Names of objects, slots, and DMIs are now limited to lowercase and capital letters, spaces, and underscores. Existing models which contain illegal characters in object and/or slot names will have these characters automatically converted to a legal text representation when the model is loaded. Expression slots, DMIs, and rules, however, will not automatically be updated to reflect the new names. Explicit updating of these references may be necessary.
solveMB_givenEnergyInflow dispatch method
A bug which prevented Level Power Reservoirs dispatching given Energy and Inflow from iterating to a proper Outflow has been fixed. Reservoirs dispatching under this dispatch method may also have incorrectly mass balanced. Differences in solutions should be expected between RiverWare Version 1.0 and versions of PRSYM when models contain any Reservoirs dispatching under this condition.
Known Bugs and Workarounds
Locator View Refresh
The Locator View, described in detail below, does not properly refresh the view of the workspace outside of the highlighted rectangle when objects or links are rearranged on the workspace with the Locator View dialog open. The dialog may be forced to refresh by closing and then re-opening it.
SCT Menu Bar
The menus at the top of the SCT can be made to “freeze” through a specific series of steps. This results in the menus’ sub-items not being displayed when the heading is selected. This situation will only occur if a run is initiated by dragging from the Run menu down to Start Run... before releasing the mouse and highlighting a cell during the run. When model execution ends, the menus will be frozen. To restore the use of the menus, select any heading and drag the mouse laterally to another heading. This is a GUI environment bug and may not manifest itself with all X window systems.
Confirmation Dialogs Running Open Windows
Running RiverWare under the Open Look environment causes several GUI peculiarities. The most notable problem is that confirmation dialogs are generated with only one option, the Yes button. In order for the GUI to behave similarly to XWindows, Galaxy users should launch the executable with an OpenLook “look and feel” command line argument:
% RiverWaret -laf ol
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