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Scrollable Windows in the Diagnostics Output Window
The Diagnostics Output Window now contains windows for Contexts and Messages that are independently scrollable. The scroll bars along the bottom of each window may be used to view information which extends beyond their right borders. The scroll bar along the right side of the dialog scrolls both windows simultaneously. The width of each window may be modified by clicking in the space between the two headings and dragging the outline of the heading bars to the new desired location. Message lines are now separated by a horizontal rule to increase their legibility.
Diagnostics Output Efficiency
The Diagnostics Output Window has been reformatted to be more efficient. Display allocation in the window is now done in increments of 50 lines. This significantly decreases model run time when many diagnostics are enabled. This does not, however, completely alleviate the potential for “freezing” RiverWare when too many diagnostics are enabled. Users should still exercise prudence in selecting only the appropriate categories and filters for diagnostics.
Enabling Diagnostics
The name of the toggle for enabling diagnostics information has been changed from Include General Information to Enable Informational Diagnostics. As before, this toggle has no effect on Errors and Warnings produced during a run. Errors and Warnings are not user-configurable. They are always displayed in the Diagnostics Output Window, regardless of whether Informational Diagnostics are enabled.
Revised: 08/02/2021