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Set Row Type Dialog
The dialog for determining which slot is displayed in an SCT row has been updated. Selecting Rows  Set Slot... now brings up the SCT Row Type slot selector only if there are objects on the workspace. The Object types: option menu has been improved to list only the object types of which at least one member exists on the workspace. These object types are listed in alphabetical order. To facilitate building an SCT, the SCT Row Type dialog is invoked with a default selection corresponding to the object and slot of the last row to have been configured. This allows many rows to be assigned to slots on the same object without having to reselect the object type and object for each occurrence.
Toggle Row Detail in non-Edit Mode
The view of row detail values may now be toggled when Editing: is turned OFF. This provides access to detail timesteps for changing their values. The summary type of a row’s detail values may also be changed by selecting Values Summary Type.... These additional functions provide flexibility in non-Edit mode, while safeguarding the configuration of the original SCT.
Setting of Closed Detail Values
Setting detail values in a closed row through the Values Set Detail Values command is no longer supported. This functionality was dangerous, as it allowed values and flags to be overwritten without any visual confirmation of the effects. Detail rows must now be open for this command to be enabled. The old behavior will continue to exist in SCTs until the first time their rows are toggled and the SCT is saved.
Revised: 08/02/2021