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Table Interpolation
Failed table interpolations now abort the simulation run in addition to producing a diagnostic warning message. Previously, table interpolation errors allowed the run to continue, often causing fatal errors later in the simulation. A diagnostic warning message provides the interpolation lookup value, the table column at which the lookup failed, the data range of this column, and the row number where missing data was expected.
Read Only Slots
Values in Data Object slots marked Read Only are no longer cleared at the beginning of a run. Previously, values at timesteps flagged as OUTPUT were automatically reset to NaN. In order to preserve values which may be needed for future scenarios, slots marked as Read Only no longer have their outputs cleared.
Invalid Timesteps
RiverWare now aborts a simulation with an error when an attempt is made to write a value to an invalid timestep. This occurred most commonly in the Thermal Object’s Adjusted Load slot. The Thermal Object calculations write data to this slot at hourly intervals regardless of the model run timestep. This bug has been fixed, but there may be other instances where an attempt is made to write a value to an invalid timestep. When such an attempt is made, RiverWare will now abort simulation with the message “Failed to set value to: value because the date is not contained within the time series.” This error may be prevented by setting a single input value in the erroneous slot at the initial timestep. The input value will ensure that the user-configured timeseries is not reset to match the run control during run initialization.
Revised: 08/02/2021