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Head Loss
This category depends on the Unit Power Table method (see Unit Power Table) and contains methods for modeling additional head loss that occurs. This head loss may come from the configuration of the penstocks for bringing water to the turbines.
* None
In this method, there is no additional head loss to be used in the power calculation. In terms of penstock head loss, this method should be selected if the penstocks for the units are independent and the penstock losses are typically incorporated in the power data. Thus the power data is specified in terms of operating head.
* Shared Penstock Head Loss
In this method, there is additional head loss that results because units share a common penstock. The operating head losses in the penstock depend on the total turbine release and are shared for all units. The net head is calculated by subtracting penstock losses from the operating head. The unit data and power must be specified in terms of unit Net Heads instead of Operating Head.
See Unit-level Constraints for descriptions of additional constraints.
Slots Specific to This Method
Revised: 08/02/2021