2019 RiverWare User Group Meeting NCAR/UCAR Center Green Campus Auditorium
Wednesday, August 28, 8am–5pm
  Thursday, August 29, 8am–Noon
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Tacoma Water's Yield, Supply and Demand Model for Analyzing Reliability of the Water Supply System
Ted Shannon—HDR Engineering, Glen George—Tacoma Water, Jason Moline—Tacoma Water
Tacoma Water, a division of Tacoma Public Utilities, has been providing water to local communities since 1893. Currently, Tacoma Water directly serves approximately 330,000 people, in the City of Tacoma and nearby communities in Pierce and King County. Tacoma's water sources include local groundwater supplies and the Green River, the latter of which is managed in conjunction with the US Army Corps of Engineers, regional municipal water suppliers, and natural resource agencies. Tacoma Water has developed an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to improve its ability to manage available water supplies, plan for new supplies as needed, and protect stream flow for fish in the Green River. As part of the IRP project, Tacoma Water developed a computer model of water supplies and demands, called the Water Yield, Supply, and Demand Model (WYSDM). WYSDM was applied to evaluate planning scenarios including: future population projections; future climate change hydrology; conservation programs; and future conjunctive supply projects.
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