2019 RiverWare User Group Meeting NCAR/UCAR Center Green Campus Auditorium
Wednesday, August 28, 8am–5pm
  Thursday, August 29, 8am–Noon
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Lessons learned while implementing an Operations Model of the Klamath Project
Marketa McGuire, Dan Broman – Reclamation TSC, Denver
Jason Cameron, Dave Felstul, Baker McDonald – Reclamation KBAO, Klamath Falls
David Neumann, Edith Zagona, Mitchell Frischmeyer – CADSWES, Boulder
The Klamath Reclamation Project (Klamath Project) area in southern Oregon and northern California is operated for multiple objectives including, irrigation, flood control, water rights requirements, and environmental flows. An added challenge to operations is the frequency of changes in operating policy. Various river system modeling tools for the basin have been employed to support long term planning and daily operations. For long-term planning related to Endangered Species Act Section 7 consultations, Reclamation's Klamath Basin Area Office (KBAO) and federal partners rely on a model developed in the Water Resource Integrated Modeling System (WRIMS).  Additionally, Technical Services Center (TSC) developed a Rulebased Simulation RiverWare model to simulate daily basin operations under future climate and management scenarios. For daily operations, KBAO currently uses a complex spreadsheet model.  In the last year, KBAO and TSC have been collaborating with CADSWES staff to develop a RiverWare daily operations model of using Rulebased Simulation and Accounting to mimic operations under the 2013 Biological Opinion.  This model will be used to demonstrate RiverWare capabilities to KBAO operators, federal partners and stakeholders, for future adoption as a single multipurpose tool.  In this presentation, we will discuss the impetus for developing the daily operations model in RiverWare, the goals for this tool, and lessons learned it its development. The hope is this modeling work will be a catalyst for use of a single modeling platform (RiverWare) to support future Endangered Species Act Section 7 consultations, daily operations, and possible future studies of implications of removal of four mainstem Klamath River dams.
Click HERE for a PDF version of the presentation slides.
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