2019 RiverWare User Group Meeting NCAR/UCAR Center Green Campus Auditorium
Wednesday, August 28, 8am–5pm
  Thursday, August 29, 8am–Noon
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Combining Optimization and Rulebased Simulation to Guide Grant County PUD Hydropower Operations
Mike Frantz—Grant County PUD; Mitch Clement, Tim Magee—CADSWES
Grant County Public Utility District No. 2 owns and operates Wanapum and Priest Rapids dams on the Columbia River in central Washington. The PUD has sold shares of the projects to "participants" who submit generation requests to be met by the projects. Beginning in 1997, Grant County PUD has coordinated the operations of the two dams with three upstream dams owned by two other PUDs as part of the Mid-Columbia Hourly Coordination Agreement. Under the agreement, the five dams have operated as a single system, meeting a single, aggregate power demand. In the fall of 2019, the Hourly Coordination Agreement will terminate, and Grant County PUD will begin operating its dams independently. The end of Hourly Coordination introduces new challenges for Grant in meeting participants' generation requests while meeting a range of complex environmental requirements due to increased inflow uncertainty and reduced operational flexibility. In preparation for independent operations, Grant County PUD has collaborated with CADSWES to develop a suite of RiverWare models to determine system operational limits and targets, provide operational guidance for the Energy Management System and execute after the fact accounting for participants. This presentation will discuss two novel uses of RiverWare solution approaches: the use of Optimization in Grant's Short Term Model to establish constraints that maintain system flexibility and guarantee that all system requirements can be met in the future, and the use of Iterative Multiple Run Management with Rulebased Simulation in the Real Time Model to provide a control strategy to Grant's Energy Management System.
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