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2003 RiverWare User Group Meeting
MS PowerPoint Presentations
(not all presentations are included here)

June 18-19, 2003 -- University of Colorado at Boulder

Engineering Methods: New Methods and Improved Functionality
Steve Setzer, CADSWES
< 0.1 MB
Improved Convergence Algorithms for Reservoir Mass Balance and Max Release
Carly Jerla, CADSWES
< 0.1 MB
Peformance Improvements / Rule Execuation Evaluation Tools - Kenny Gruchalla, CADSWES < 0.1 MB
Upcoming Constraint Editor and Language Enhancements - Tim Magee, CADSWES < 0.1 MB
Integration of RiverWare with Groundwater Modeling Tools to Evaluate Pecos River Compact
- John Carron, Hydrosphere Resource Consultants, Inc.
1.7 MB
TVA Flood Control Operations EIS Model - James VanShaar, Riverside Technology, Inc. 4.8 MB
Scheduling the TVA Hydro System using RiverWare's Optimization - Suzanne Biddle, TVA 1.1 MB
Truckee-Carson Operations Models - Tom Scott, Bureau of Reclamation, Carson City, NV 6.4 MB
Applying RiverWare to the San Carlos Apache Water Delivery Project
David Neumann, Stetson Engineers, Inc.
4.5 MB
Upcoming Enhancements to RiverWare's Data Management Interface (DMI) - Bill Oakley, CADSWES 0.2 MB
New Corps of Engineers Flood Control Methods
Edie Zagona, Kenny Gruchalla, Nancy Hall, and Neil Wilson, CADSWES
< 0.1 MB
Licensing RiverWare, Upcoming Release Schedule - Edie Zagona and Jessica Lee, CADSWES < 0.1 MB
Software Development and Release Process; Bug Tracking and Fixing Procedures, Reg Tests
Steve Setzer and Bill Oakley, CADSWES
< 0.1 MB
Qt Migration - A One-Year Retrospective - Brian Eyster and Kenny Gruchalla, CADSWES 0.8 MB
New Open Object Dialog - demo - Brian Eyster, CADSWES 0.1 MB
SCT Redesign - RiverWare Spreadsheet Views - Phil Weinstein, CADSWES 0.3 MB
New Plotting Tool - Brian Eyster and Kenny Gruchalla, CADSWES 0.2 MB
GPAT, RiverWare Graphical Policy Analysis Tool - Dave King, Steffen Meyer, Andrew Gilmore, Jeff Rieker, USBR; Tim Magee, CADSWES 0.5 MB

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