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Objects and Methods : Water User : Dispatch Methods
Dispatch Methods
The Water User object can dispatch to solve for Diversion, or it can dispatch when Diversion is given.
Note:  When the Supply From Reservoir slot is in use, the Supply From Reservoir slot values are set to zero for all timesteps during begin run initialization. This allows the zero values to propagate up to the Diversion object and then to the Diversion slot on the Reservoir. This is done because every reservoir dispatch method requires the Diversion value to be known. By defaulting these values to zero, the reservoir is able to dispatch without waiting for the ComputeReservoirDiversions function to execute and set the actual diversion values on the Supply From Reservoir slot. See ComputeReservoirDiversions in RiverWare Policy Language (RPL) for details.
If the Return Flow slot is linked to a reservoir object, these values are also defaulted to zero for all timesteps. This is done for the same reason as described above: so the reservoir can dispatch with a zero return flow before the actual return flow value is calculated.
When the Water User object is an element of an Agg Diversion Site, the available dispatch methods vary, depending on the linking structures selected on the Agg Diversion Site object. See the following sections:
Revised: 01/11/2023