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Reach Conductance
Methods in this category allow you to choose how you want to specify conductance. You can either give values for Conductance or give values for Hydraulic Conductivity and the geometry of the reach and the Conductance will be computed.
* Specify Conductance
This is the default method and does not instantiate any new slots. You must specify the conductance value or an error will be issued.
* Compute Conductance
This method allows you to specify hydraulic conductivity and the geometry.
Slots Specific to This Method
 Hydraulic Conductivity
Type: Scalar
Units: Velocity
Description: Hydraulic conductivity of the streambed material
I/O: Required input
 Riverbed Thickness
Type: Scalar
Units: Length
Description: Thickness of the riverbed
Information: This value is used in the conductance calculation
I/O: Required input
 Seepage Area
Type: Scalar
Units: Area
Description: Area of the river that contributes to seepage
I/O: Required input
Method Details 
At the start of the run, the information in these slots is used to compute the Conductance value according to the following equation:
If there are missing values in the above slots, an error will be issued and the run initialization will be stopped.
The resulting value is set on the scalar Conductance slot. If there are values already in the slot, they will be overwritten.
Note:  The Conductance slot is registered as having a Source slot. When a slot has a source slot, it becomes read-only and displays a cross hatch over the data. It also provides a note indicating the source used to compute the data. This attribute is set at the start of the run, so you must initialize the model to see the display of this slot change. If you deselect this method, you must initialize the run again to unset the source slot.
Revised: 01/11/2023