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Spill Cost
These methods calculate the cost associated with spill.
* None
This default method does no spill cost calculations. No slots are associated with this method.
* Unit Spill Cost
The Unit Spill Cost method is used to calculated the money that is lost when water goes to the bypass as spill rather than through the turbines. Spill cost is calculated as the local variable spill times the Unit Spill Cost.
Slots Specific to This Method
 Spill Cost
Type: Series Slot
Units: Value ($)
Description: Loss of money per timestep due to spill
Information: Set equal to the unit spill cost times the spill.
I/O: Output
 Unit Spill Cost
Type: Table Slot
Units: ValuePerFlow
Description: Money from hydropower lost due to spill.
Information: A single value in a table slot determined by users based on the market value for hydropower and the power produced per unit flow at the power plant.
I/O: Input
Revised: 01/11/2023