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Objects and Methods : Groundwater Storage : User Methods : Impulse Response Components
Impulse Response Components
The Impulse Response Components category is only visible when users have selected the Single Computed Outflow in the Solution Type category and the Impulse Response method in the GW Outflow Calc category. Two user methods are available with the Impulse Response Components category: None and Multiple Response Components.
* None
This is the default method. It performs no calculations.
There are no slots specific to this method.
* Multiple Response Components
This method calculates the Response Components on the Groundwater Storage object.
Slots Specific to This Method
 Response Components
Type: NoComputeMultiSlot
Units: FLOW
Description: The slot contains the individual response components.
Information: The subslots of this multislot contain the individual responses. A subslot is created when you link this slot to a destination object.
I/O: Output only
 Number of Response Coeffs
Type: TableSlot
Units: NONE
Description: the integer number of response coefficients to be used for each response component
Information: A column will be added automatically for each of the responses. The name of the column is used to match it with the appropriate subslot in the Response Components slot. Each column contains a value that is the number of response coefficients to be used for that particular response.
I/O: Required input
 Response Coeffs
Type: TableSlot
Units: NONE
Description: the impulse response coefficients
Information: The number of coefficients must be input in each column as the value in the corresponding column in the Number of Response Coeffs slot. The columns are added and named automatically as a new subslot is added to the Response Components slot.
I/O: Required input
Method Details  
As users create and remove links to the Response Components slot, corresponding subslots are added and removed. The creation of a link automatically adds a new column to the Number of Response Coeffs and Response Coeffs slots to represent that particular response component. The first column on the Response Components multislot is the multislot itself, not one of the subslots; it is set as the sum of all the subslot values.
Note:  It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the data entered into the table columns correspond to the proper subslot in the Response Components slot.
where i is an iteration variable that takes on the column value for each of the Response Components.
Each response component is actually part of the total Outflow. However, because you may not want to model all the response components, the sum of the responses does is not required to equal the Outflow.
In order to avoid mass balance issues, RiverWare does not allow both the Outflow slot and the Response Components slot to be linked. The one exception is that the Response Components slot can be linked to a Data Object if the Outflow slot is linked. This allows users to view the responses without actually routing them.
Revised: 01/11/2023