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Dispatch Methods
There is just one dispatch method for the Distribution Canal object.
* Solve given Inflow
Solves for Outflow and Available Flow, given Inflow.
Required Known Slots
• Inflow
Required Unknown Slots
• None
Method Details 
The Canal Max Capacity and Seepage user methods are applied to the Inflow. Then Available Flow is calculated from the Flow Routing user method. Outflow is calculated as follows:
If a method is selected in the Canal Storage category, the change in storage is also removed from in the Outflow calculation, as follows:
If a method is selected in the Evaporation from Storage category, the evaporation is also removed from the Outflow, as follows:
Note:  Time Lag Routing sets Available Flow at some future timestep. Therefore, the dispatch method may not solve for Outflow at the current timestep unless Available Flow has been set at the current timestep from dispatching at a previous timestep.
Revised: 01/11/2023